2023 2nd International Conference on Cryptography, Network Security and Communication Technology (CNSCT 2023)



The 2nd International Conference on Cryptography, Network Security and Communication Technologies 2023 (CNSCT 2023) was successfully held on 6 January 2023 in Changsha, China (online). As the development of the Network and Internet Application has become greater, Network Security is getting more important in Computer Science. Cryptography, one of the core areas of NS is topicality. Also, The importance of Network security is connected to Communication Technology. The conference is aim to provide an international platform for sharing experiences, expanding professional networks, face-to-face exchange of new ideas and presenting research results.

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Keynote Speeches

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Keynote Speaker 1: 

 Prof. Miaowen Wen

South China University of Technology, China

Title: Cyclic-Prefixed Single-Carrier Transmission for RIS-Assisted Broadband Communications

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Keynote Speaker 2:

Prof. Sandeep Saxena

Greater Noida Institute of Technology, India

Title:  Cyber Security: Attacks and Preventions

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Keynote Speaker 3:

 A. Prof. Ruhui Ma

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Title: Research and Exploration of Federated Learning System

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Keynote Speaker 4:

Researcher Xiaodong Wu

Sichuan University, China

Title: Bio-Inspired Sensing Principles for Novel Artificial Electronic Skins

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Keynote Speaker 5:

A. Prof. Zhengmin Kong

Wuhan university, China

Title: Research on Physical Layer Security of Multi-hop Hybrid Wireless and Power line Networks

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Keynote Speaker 6:

A. prof. Nasir Saeed

Northern Border University, Arar, KSA

Title: Internet of Underwater Things: Opportunities and Challenges

Oral Presentations


Changqi Sun

Dongguan University of Technology, China

Title: RC5-CBC: Best Matching Combination of Block Cipher and Model of Operation for Implementing ORAM Schemes

Poster Presentations