2024 3rd International Conference on Cryptography, Network Security and Communication Technology (CNSCT 2024)

Call For Papers


The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


Cryptographic Protocols

Cryptography and Coding


Privacy and Authentication

Key Management

Trust Management

Quantum Cryptography

Computational Intelligence in Security

Artificial Immune Systems

Biological and Evolutionary Computation

Intelligent Agents and Systems

Reinforcement and Unsupervised Learning

Autonomy-Oriented Computing

Co-evolutionary Algorithms

Fuzzy Systems

Biometric Security

Trust Models and Metrics

Regulation and Trust Mechanisms

Data Integrity

Models for Authentication, Trust and Authorization

Wireless Network Security

Information Hiding

E- Commerce

Data and System Integrity

Network Security

Security & Privacy in Wired, Wireless, Mobile, Hybrid, Sensor, Ad Hoc networks

Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Firewalls, Packet Filters

Malware and botnets

Communication Privacy and Anonymity

Distributed denial of service

Public Key Infrastructures, key management, credentials

Web security

Secure Routing, Naming/Addressing, Network Management

Security & Privacy in Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing

Security & Privacy for emerging technologies: VoIP, peer-to-peer and overlay network systems

Information leakage

Information theft

Data tampering

Data deletion

computer virus

Security breach

Attack monitoring

Encrypted communication

Information dissemination safety

Network isolation

Application security

Email security

Anti-virus and anti-malware software

Network segmentation

Application security

Behavioral analytics

Cloud security

Intrusion prevention systems

Mobile device security

Security information and event management

Wireless security

Commuication Technology

5G Communication Technology

Mobile communication

Wireless technology

Wireless data

IP and broadband network technology

Microwave Communication

Optoelectronics and Optical Communication

Signal and information processing

Quantum information technology

Aerospace communication technology

Geo-information science

Complex multidimensional information processing

Communication system digital signal processing

Wireless communication system

Satellite measurement and control and communication technology

Satellite mobile communication technology

Data communications

Information networks

Information indexing & retrieval

Hybrid information technology

Vehicular communications

Information Management Systems and Services

Information Theory and Coding Theory

Communication Protocols and Standards

Mobile Technology

Information Technology & Globalization

Geographical Information Systems

Optical Fiber Communication

Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering

Communication and Networking

Information Theory, System, and Technology

Spread Spectrum Communications